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Conveyor belts are manufactured in sections with predetermined lengths, which must then be joined to form an endless tension member. Belt section lengths are not standardized, but the maximum lengths are limited by the warp’s weight or diameter. Belt core types and materials require appropriate jointing structures, materials and technology. Many years of FTT Wolbrom Factory After Sales Service experience in conveyor belt jointing and repair, and the applied materials and technologies, warrant the adequate shear strength and fatigue strength of any joint and repair made by the company.

 Services provided by FTT Wolbrom Factory After Sales Service:

  1. Conveyor belt installation
  2. Conveyor belt jointing by:
  3. Cold bonding
  4. Hot vulcanization
  5. Mechanical joining
  6. Damaged conveyor belt repairs by cold bonding and hot vulcanization
  7. Drum wrap with rubber lining

 In addition to services provided on customer sites, the Factory After Sales Service offers services in the areas of:

  1. Conveyor belt bonding into closed circuits
  2. Hump curing for conveyor belts
  3. Drum rubberising by cold bonding and hot vulcanization


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