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The content of this website constitutes only an invitation to enter into a contract within the meaning of the Act of 23 April 1964 of the Civil Code. In order to conclude a contract, please submit an invitation to tender in person, by mail, fax, email or online form (contact details in the “Contacts” tab), giving at least contact details and products, which P.T. client is interested in buying. After receiving an invitation to make an offer, commercial service employees of Conveyor Belt Factory Wolbrom S.A. shall submit an offer for a specified range of products. The contacts shall be maintained by means of personal communication at a distance. After receiving an offer, a recipient decides whether to enter into a contract whose content is in accordance with the offer (then it must make a declaration of acceptance of the offer), or resign from the conclusion of such a contract.

The contract may be entered in any of the languages that can be used for browsing this website.

The contract shall be governed by Polish law. Conveyor Belt Factory Wolbrom SA stipulates that, in the event of submission of such an offer via the electronic form available on this website, art. 682 of the Civil Code shall not be applied.